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Jeffrey is a podcast about music.

My brother Gordon and I talk through the careers of some of our favourite bands and rank their albums.

The resultant playlists are on Spotify (Jeffrey Lists).

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Jeffrey 1.10: the Jeffrey Report (Season 1) Jeffrey

A reflective discussion on the first series of the podcast, dishing out the Golden Jeffreys:  best album, best album cover and a special mention for the coolest character. We also add a couple of live tracks to the playlists to illustrate the live side of each artist  … and, because we know a thing of two about parties at Jeffrey Towers, we collate a Jeffrey Podcast Jolly Party Playlist™ with tracks from all featured artists. If you want to party like Jeffrey, click here for a link to the playlist on Spotify, or here if you just want to listen to the Season One playlist. Golden Jeffreys Nominations Best album nominations: Jethro Tull (Thick as a Brick); Muse (Black Holes and Revelations); Komeda (The Genius of …); Radiohead (In Rainbows); dEUS (In a Bar, Under the Sea and The Ideal Crash); Pink Floyd (Animals); and Fiona Apple (Fetch the Bolt Cutters). Best album cover nominations: Jethro Tull (Thick as a Brick); Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here and Animals); Radiohead (Hail to the Thief); The White Stripes (The White Stripes); Talking Heads (More Songs About Buildings and Food); Komeda (The Genius of …); and Muse (Absolution and Origin of Symmetry). Not strictly speaking a Golden Jeffrey, but the honourable mention for coolest character nominations: Mauro Pawlowski (ex-dEUS); Jack White (ex-The White Stripes); and Fiona Apple. Listen to the podcast to find out the results!  
  1. Jeffrey 1.10: the Jeffrey Report (Season 1)
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