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The Workplace Survival Guide podcast is all about trying to help make going to work into a positive experience. We spend so much time there, get a lot of our feelings of self-worth from what we achieve professionally, we grow and learn and develop (or don’t), it’s vital to a sense of happiness in life.

This podcast is one thing that we hope will help people get more positive experiences from their professional life, and have fewer negative experiences – maybe it will help people move forward and get closer to their potential.

We hope so, that’s the plan anyway.

Along with my colleagues, Marietta & Sarah, we read listeners’ letters on workplace conundrums and offer our thoughts and advice.

Send your letters to us with a description of the issue you’d like us to deal with by COP (email available via the Twitter bio)

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Episode 6: I've lost my job, now what?! with Eleanor Tweddell of Another Door Workplace Survival Guide

In today's episode we talk about losing your job – the team share their experiences of job loss and what they did following it and things that can help.  We feature the brilliant Eleanor Tweddell who works helping people after job loss, and whose book "Why losing your job could be the best thing that ever happened to you" we highly recommend as an encouraging boost full of ways forward if you've lost your job and are not sure what to do now.  Hannah also makes a welcome return with some sage advice.  Write to us at: with any topics you would like us to cover and if you enjoy the pod, please leave us a review to let us know on Apple podcasts. Thank you!Why losing your job could be the best thing that happened to you by Eleanor TweddellAnother Door – Redundancy Help & Outplacement Support
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