Trainer Tools


Trainer Tools is a podcast for Learning and Development professionals.

The concept was simple.

The original idea was to share effective tools and tips across the learning and development community, but it didn’t turn out like that.

In the end the discussions were much deeper, and most conversations ranged over much broader topics than just training delivery tips and techniques.

A better name would probably be Herding Eagles, a phrase a colleague of mine used to describe what it’s like trying to work with Learning & Development Professionals: majestic independent creatures who cannot be herded – OK, he was blatantly trying to flatter us, but I liked it anyway.

In each podcast, I interview an experienced L&D professional and asks them to talk on a specific topic of interest to people working in the organisational learning field.

Podcasts are released once a month (usually), except August and December when I go on holiday – here’s the link to the Trainer Tools hosting site but it’s available on all the usual platforms.

In my spare time, I also have a music podcast (with Our Gordon, my brother), here’s a link to the website which has all the info and links.


If you would like to contribute to the Trainer Tools podcast, please get in touch.


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What can we learn from the movies about deep learning experiences Trainer Tools

In this episode John Tomlinson talks with Kushal Bose about his remarkable career and how he's used his engineering and film making background to create deep learning experiences in organisations. Kushal Bose is the CEO of and learning & development facilitator for corporate clients. He helps companies reduce costs and improve bottom line through the art of storytelling. With advanced degrees in engineering and film production, he founded Teledec International in 1987 to create engaging training tools that combine the different techniques of cinema, explaining complex technical concepts. For 35 years Teledec has been at the leading edge of innovative training development with an impressive client list of Fortune 500 companies including: Abbot, BP, McDonald’s, Philips, Northrup, Ameritech, Kraft, Cisco, Discover and many more. Their speciality is taking existing training material (PDF, Excel, AutoCad, Visio, MSWord engineering specs, job aids, etc) and publishing a seamless engaging presentation for an online audience. These presentations can be instructor led, self-paced, or blended. They excel in developing: Learning Solutions Compliance Training Technology Training Organization Development Training Sales Training Customized Training Solutions Teledec has an impressive in-house capability including subject matter expertise, video production, graphics and animation, programming, authoring, instructional design, technical writing and LMS administration.
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  3. Leadership training in the virtual world
  4. From inclusion to belonging in Learning and Development
  5. Information design in learning: tips for making great visuals