About me

I am a Learning and Development professional, mainly into leadership and management development and creating great workplaces.

I believe that going to work should be a positive and rewarding experience, a place where we can feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction, be treated with kindness and respect, and have the opportunity to learn and develop into something close to our potential.

I think a lot of this comes down to how good the leaders and managers are, and for this reason I am especially interested in those fields and spend a lot of time coaching leaders and managers.

I am based in Madrid, Spain, and head up an L&D department covering Europe and Central Asia, leading globally on learning evaluation.

I also work as a freelance writer and coach, and regularly speak at events, so please get in touch if you are interested in working with me.

I love reading about leaders in history and understanding what we can learn from them, and in how politics and history are linked, and how we can improve public policy and political leadership through understanding history.

I studied Economics and Politics at Leeds Beckett University, and (much) later an MBA at the Open University.

I am also a writer, podcaster and have a rubbish YouTube channel discussing issues around leadership and management development mainly.

I have written professionally for various organisations (usually freelance), including writing website content, social media, articles, reviews and speeches.

Some personal stuff

Madrid is now my adopted hometown, but I am originally from Leeds in the UK. This explains why I am a Leeds United supporter.

I also love tennis and baseball and support the New York Mets.

Apart from that, it’s all about books, music and travel.

I am here on LinkedIn and Twitter.