I have written professionally for various organisations (usually freelance), including writing website content, social media, articles, reviews, speeches and comedy.

I am also a member of the Board of Advisers for Kingston University on their Creative and Professional Writing degree.

Contact me if you’re interested in giving me some money in exchange for some writing work.


This blog has been written over many years, on and off. I have deleted lots of posts that had nothing to do with learning and development and related topics (or weren’t very good when I went back with my older and more sophisticated eye) in an attempt to keep it focused.

I am in the process of updating it at the moment, reworking older entries and sketching out new ideas.


So far, I have only published one book, but more on the way (assuming I can crack on with it)

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Not the Best Year of my Life (A Diary About Cancer)


Not the Best Year of my Life (A Diary About Cancer)

On 2 November 2018 John Tomlinson was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. He was only 48 and had no obvious symptoms. His first reaction was that at last something had happened that was worth writing about, so he started this diary. This is not a tragic tale of struggle and melancholy, it’s the story of how cancer becomes another part of everyday life and just something else you cope with.

Half the profits from this book will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.

This book is also available on Amazon here.